Vestis, prepainted aluminium for roofs and facades when matter
becomes architecture
Examples of metal roofing and façade cladding made with Vestis the best way
to protect a dream
Prepainted aluminium products for use in roofs and facades dynamism that combines
fast and efficiency

A metal built to dress up the most beautiful constructions in the world


Vestis aluminium - systems

Find out about our Vestis cladding systems for roofs and facades. Solutions designed to offer the highest performance in terms of tightness and durability over time.


Vestis aluminium - colours

Vestis aluminium fits to any construction thanks to a multitude of available finishes: smooth, rough, glossy, matt, flat or embossed. Which is the right finish for you?



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Vestis aluminium - specifications

Why choosing Vestis?
Learn about Vestis Characteristics, how it is made and the its strengths that make it one of a kind.