Vestis, pre-painted aluminium Cortexthe color of tradition Vestis, pre-painted aluminium RAL7037 goffratothe toughest character Vestis, pre-painted aluminium GOLDelegance first of all

Vestis, pre-painted aluminium

Lightweight, corrosion resistant and versatile: these are the main features making aluminium the material of the future, capable of perfectly fulfilling the new requirements of the building industry and the designer’s wishes from a creative and aesthetic standpoint. The Vestis brand stands out for the strength of its cladding, which is suitable in the harshest environments and is resistant to ageing and UV rays, at high altitudes and near coastal areas alike. No limits to designers’ creativity thanks to different colour and surface options, both smooth and structured, which is an extremely cutting edge offer in the world of cladding. Available in strips, Vestis is the ideal solution to be forged by the hands of talented installers who can thus give shape to the most creative projects.

vestis aluminium specifications

3D Vestis finishes for roofing and façade cladding in prepainted aluminium:

Vestis 3D Dolomite Grey

3D dolomite grey

Vestis RAL 7016

7016 3D

Vestis RAL 7037

7037 3D

Vestis 3D Cortex

cortex 3D

Vestis 3D Testa di Moro

testa di moro 3D

Vestis finishes for roofing and façade cladding made of pre-painted aluminium:

Vestis Copper Roof

copper roof

Vestis Green Roof

green roof

Vestis Grey Roof

grey roof

Vestis Testa di Moro

testa di moro

Vestis RAL 9010

RAL 9010

Vestis RAL 9006

RAL 9006

Vestis RAL 7016

RAL 7016

Vestis RAL 7037

RAL 7037

Vestis Graphite Black

graphite black

Vestis Quartz Grey

quartz grey

Vestis Agate Grey

agate grey

Vestis Slate Grey

slate grey

Vestis RAL 9005

RAL 9005

Vestis Gold



Also available with stucco surface